xDR and DRP a perfect partnership

If you’re an xDR managed service provider, Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is a highly complementary cyber security solution that helps you extend your customers’ attack surface coverage quickly and easily, by monitoring for data breaches and cyber threats that sit beyond your customers’ network.

What do we mean by an xDR managed service? 

There are three types of recognised Detection and Response services. At a high level, they all focus on identifying inbound threats by looking at the various elements of your network, such as endpoints, email security, network management and cloud. They combine monitoring for detection and analyst services to respond to threats. 

End Point Detection and Response (EDR)  

EDR is an integrated, layered approach to endpoint protection that combines real-time continuous monitoring and endpoint data analytics with a rule-based automated response.  

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)  

MDR integrates a security platform with analytics and expert-led services to provide threat detection and response recommendations across cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments and endpoints.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)  

XDR is a relatively new threat detection and response approach that attempts to break down security siloes and provide a cloud-based service that encompasses multiple security-related data streams. XDR takes advantage of the power of cloud-based big data analytics to make sense of data from endpoint protection agents, email security, identity and access management, network management, cloud security, threat intelligence, threat hunting, etc. 

So, if you’re an xDR provider, why would you want to add DRP? 

Here’s a few good reasons… 

Instantly extend your customers’ attack surface coverage by looking beyond their network   

DRP enables you to protect your customers’ data wherever it lives. Their data no longer lives inside the network.  It’s in the cloud, in 3rd party apps and across their highly distributed supply chains. So, look beyond your customers’ network with DRP. DRP has three main elements: Dark Web Monitoring, data breach detection and Cyber Threat Intelligence.   Skurio-DRP-Features-Jan-2023-600x314

Automate your Data Monitoring, saving considerable time and effort

Manual research is complex, involves skilled resources, and can be dangerous.  Staff can be exposed to some awful content, and hackers can track and attack you while you’re searching sites and forums. The Skurio platform continuously monitors the surface, deep and Dark Web for data breaches and cyber threats specific to your customers’ businesses. It’s highly automated and offers both historical searches and real-time 24/7 monitoring. Data is automatically pulled into our platform from multiple sources, so you don’t need to search those sources individually to look for any breaches and threats. Alerts can be set up using keywords and automatically notify you when something appears. And, of course, our platform can host multiple tenants.

Manage Cyber Threat Intelligence more effectively

Not only is data monitoring automated, but our platform also helps you to reduce noise and false positives so that you can focus on response and remediation, providing more value to your customers. The estimate alert feature will show if your alert could be noisy. You can add required keywords or exclusions to reduce false positives or restrict the types of data sources monitored.

Tailor any service to your customers’ specific use case(s)

The Skurio DRP platform is highly flexible. You can bundle managed services into two groups, core or advanced, or you can align services around the use cases, such as credential monitoring or brand protection. Or customers could specify an individual use case, like VIP Monitoring. 

Artboard 3@2xSo, it’s clear that xDR and DRP are a perfect partnership because together, they provide more value to your customer, covering both internal and external data sources to highlight potential cybersecurity issues. This will enhance your customers’ cybersecurity posture and increase their satisfaction and stickiness. 

Read our guide to Outsourcing Digital Risk Protection to learn more, or get in touch to request a demo to see how Skurio can work for your business. 

Posted by Lisa Kelly


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