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Lisa Kelly

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xDR and DRP a perfect partnership

If you’re an xDRmanaged service provider, Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is a highly complementary cyber security solution that helps you extend your customers’ attack surface coverage quickly and easily, by monitoring for data breaches and cyber...

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Why outsourcing Digital Risk Protection (DRP) makes perfect sense

The challenge

Are your IT teams struggling to keep up with the pace of change in cybersecurity?With remote working, distributed supply chains,cloud, and third-party applications being just some of the challenges you face now, outsourcing could be an...

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Why organisations need Digital Risk Protection (DRP) now

Why do organisations need DRP?

Whether they realise it or not, organisations of all sizes need Digital Risk Protection (DRP). We believe four key market drivers explain why:

  1. Increased cyber threats
  2. Expanding digital footprints
  3. Pressure on...
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