Why organisations need Digital Risk Protection (DRP) now

Why do organisations need DRP? 

Whether they realise it or not, organisations of all sizes need Digital Risk Protection (DRP). We believe four key market drivers explain why: 

  1. Increased cyber threats
  2. Expanding digital footprints
  3. Pressure on resources
  4. Compliance requirements
Increased cyber threats 

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts cybercrime to be worth $10.5 trillion globally by 2025. There are more cyber-attacks now than ever, and they are only likely to grow in number and complexity. Cybercrime is aimed at organisations of all sizes, and SMBs are increasingly being attacked. 

Expanding digital footprints 

Covid-19 has a supercharged digital transformation. Remote working was essential during the lockdown, and now employees are resistant to returning to offices full-time. Cloud and hybrid IT environments enable digital supply chains that enhance connectivity and productivity but leave organisations more exposed to digital risk    

Pressure on resources 

Full-time specialist cyber resources are expensive and hard to recruit and retain. In 2021 Cybersecurity Ventures estimated that by 2025 there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs unfilled globally. 

Compliance requirements 

Data privacy regulations mean that your organisation could risk regulatory fines if you fail to report data breaches or handle them poorly. In addition, security accreditations such as ISO 27001 mean that organisations must have threat intelligence capabilities to mitigate risk from cyber threats.  

The problem that DRP solves: early detection 

Our platform detects data breaches from data sets held within your network or those in your supply chain. Left undetected, they can be sold or shared on the surface deep and Dark Web, leading to further, likely more significant, cyber-attacks. Once your information is exposed, it can be weaponised against you and even used to launch attacks on your IT infrastructure. You can avoid these cyber incidents by using the Skurio DRP platform for early data breach detection and threat detection. 

What is the Skurio DRP platform?  Skurio DRP

There are three critical components to the Digital risk protection platform: 

  1. Our automated monitoring runs continuously, scanning Dark Web site sources to identify leaked data and threats on sites where we know this information is shared and traded. 
  2. You can configure alert monitors to include any data or threat indicator relevant to your organisation. You can be alerted when a potential threat is identified that is specific to your business. 
  3. We are different to generic Cyber Threat Intelligence platforms, which can overwhelm your team with notifications of threats that don’t affect your business, like malicious IP addresses, malware signatures, Nation State / APT activity, general exploits, and vulnerabilities. This can increase the risk of a critical incident being overlooked. Skurio Tailored threat intelligence is configured to alert you to threats specific to your organisation and your credentials, domains, infrastructure, people, assets, sites, intellectual property, and more. 

What makes Skurio unique? 


Extensive Coverage 

 Unlimited Scaling 

Flexible Use Cases 

 Easy to Use

Custom Sources 

 Automated monitoring 

In-App Analyst Help 

Our value-based pricing ensures you can find an affordable subscription, no matter how small you start. And no matter how big you scale, it continues to provide the best value in the market.​ 

User experience comes first with Skurio – features are easy to use, and you don’t have to be a skilled analyst to get started.​ For established security teams, automating and tailoring intelligence feeds with Skurio will reduce false positives and improve efficiency.​ 

Unlike alternatives, we don’t restrict you to defined data types. With flexible keyword searches, you can monitor for any terms important to your business, and it has a unique combination of features to support customer data monitoring.​ 

Our curated historical database, extensive data source monitoring, and the ability to continually onboard new feeds mean you are in safe hands.​ And, with the backup of our analyst team at your fingertips, you can get help on your investigations when you need it or add service packages to supplement your team on an ongoing basis. 

Who is Skurio DRP for? 

Any organisation can benefit from Skurio Digital Risk Protection. Skurio DRP is ideal for CISOs, Security and IT leaders with limited budgets, resources, or expertise.  

Here’s what our customers say about Skurio 

Amber Burridge, Cifas  David Perstl, Security Officer, BearingPoint 
“It doesn’t have to be complicated, and that’s what we love about the platform. It’s easy to use and has great functionality”.  “It’s incredibly powerful when you see your email and password on the Dark Web, and you can see how easily it can be sold or shared”. 
Brigid Macdonald IT Manager, Breast Cancer Now  Mahir Mosin Sheikh, CEO, Cydea Tech 
“The platform is quick to set up and very intuitive, making it easy to create notifications and search its historical database”.  “Skurio’s keyword search and monitoring make it an ideal platform for us to use for external threat hunting; it’s extremely flexible.” 


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