Skurio drives Digital Risk Protection innovation

Our development team have spent the last twelve months evolving the best features from our original Cyber Threat Intelligence solution and adding them to our second-generation BreachAlert platform. They've now created an advanced threat intelligence and breach detection solution to help protect businesses against digital risk, and we think they've done a fantastic job!

We recognised, a year ago, that smaller businesses were just not being helped by traditional security vendors to identify threats specific to their organisation. Some products were priced way beyond the means of many organisations or were simply too complicated for occasional users. Other services relied on expensive and skilled analysts to produce manual reports, and some simply packaged up data on an overwhelming number of generic threats that just weren't relevant – turning them from “intelligence” into the news. 

"Threat Intelligence has historically only been affordable to larger organisations or those with big security budgets.  We wanted to bring this capability to the next tier of users, who don’t always have dedicated cybersecurity teams in-house. With our new Digital Risk Protection platform, they can understand the full spectrum of digital risks they face, " said CEO Jeremy Hendy, "These companies need information instantly if there is a threat and can't afford to wait for a monthly report to take action."

With businesses potentially facing larger fines from the ICO if they don't have this kind of protection in place, and recent research pointing to increased customer churn of 4% for businesses that have a customer data breach, Jeremy's right. With the added threat detection capabilities Skurio provides, they can learn about potential attacks and take action before they even happen. 

So, what can Skurio customers look forward to in the new upgrade?

There are three major upgrades to the platform. ‘Scraped’ social sources collect useful information from sites including Reddit and Telegram. This provides a valuable historic database for use in investigations as well as alerts of data or mentions of the company's brand, products, senior executives and more. ‘Queried’ social sources extend coverage even wider into a range of popular social media platforms to bring back items that are relevant to the company. Finally, an all-new ‘Insights’ feature provides researchers with the tools to quickly filter through large volumes of results which can be 'sliced and diced' to reveal any actionable threats. 

"Our customers have been using the platform in Beta test for several months, giving us feedback and testing out a wide variety of use cases. The response has been fantastic, and we can't wait to bring these features to a whole new set of customers in 2020," added Hendy. 

Contact Skurio to discover more and find out how your business can benefit from Digital Risk Protection! 

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Posted by Justine Siebke


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