Chapter One - Sheriff CISO

At Skurio, we like to think of the CISO as a sheriff. Your job is to keep everything and everyone safe when it comes to information security threats to your business.

The information security sheriff's job would have been a lot simpler in the past. After all, data that's inside your perimeter is much easier to protect than data on the outside. But your business is constantly transforming its services, using more partners, cloud systems and third-party applications to process your data. You're certainly not alone. This 'digital gold rush' is affecting every aspect of your supply chain. The partners you rely on, in turn, rely on their partners. Before you know it, your ecosystem looks pretty much like a world wild web!

Wrangle 7b

Like any gold rush, bad guys and gals are looking to make a quick buck. And your data is pure, 24 carat gold to them. These criminals can use it to scam your company or your customers, leaving you out of pocket and your customers taking their business elsewhere. You can't stop every data breach, but you can do something about it.

Wrangle 9bThis is why you need a Digital Deputy. A trusted partner to look for trouble on the horizon. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. And that's just what Skurio comes in. An automated solution that combs the surface, Deep and Dark Web around the clock. Raising the alarm if your data is being sold or shared and providing you with intelligence on criminals who are targeting your business. Automation is key.

Armed with this valuable information, you can use your resources to beef up defences where it makes the most sense. Giving your team time and space to work with actionable intelligence, instead of wasting time searching for information.

Stay tuned for further adventures with Sheriff CISO and Deputy Skurio - and sleep easy at night.






Posted by Justine Siebke


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