Security & IT Leaders share threat concerns

Security and IT leaders have shared their concerns and challenges with Skurio in a specially commissioned post-pandemic survey. 

The new research from Skurio reveals that lack of expertise and knowledge or insufficient budgets are the biggest obstacles to organisations proactively defending against cyber attacks. 

As businesses emerge and recover from the pandemic, they find themselves in a very different landscape than before. Many have embraced or resigned themselves to remote working and products and services have been digitised at a staggering rate. Combine these factors with increased threat activity and you have a perfect storm of concerns to keep security and IT leaders awake at night.

Stormy waters

Unsurprisingly, network attacks were top of the list, with nearly 40% of survey respondents citing them as their most pressing cybersecurity concern. A third of leaders named phishing attacks and data breaches as serious worries. 

Businesses are right to be concerned about data breaches. When leaked data finds its way onto the deep and Dark Web, it can be exploited by criminals and hackers to mount attacks against networks, staff and customers. 

Priorities for strengthening defences vary across sectors, with technology, retail and manufacturing industries looking to plug the most gaps in their defences over the next twelve months.

Port in a storm

Businesses are turning to Digital Risk Protection solutions to help them identify data leaks and cyber threats sooner - helping their security teams to batten down the hatches before cyber hackers can weaponise critical information against them. Our survey discovered that 70% of security and IT leaders had some form of Digital Risk Protection - albeit typically provided through features in more traditional security systems.

There are significant advantages to adopting a dedicated DRP platform, however. Digital Risk Protection combines the power of automated Dark Web monitoring for data breach detection and investigation features and threat detection of Cyber Threat Intelligence. Because it focuses on threats outside the network, it complements traditional security products and provides coverage for a much wider set of use cases. And because your alert monitors are configured with your information, you won't end up drowning in a sea of false positives. 60% of the IT and security leaders we surveyed are planning to add or strengthen their Digital Risk Protection capabilities this year either through a dedicated SaaS solution, outsourced to an MSSP, or using specialist staff to curate intelligence. 

Skurio to the Rescue

With Skurio Digital Risk Protection you can easily monitor the surface, deep and Dark Web for potential threats to your data. If you're looking to provide better protection for your staff, infrastructure, customers, brand, revenue or products and services - alerts can quickly and easily be configured to notify you when a threat or leak is detected. And it's fully automated, so your staff don't have to spend time searching for the threats, they can focus on investigating and mitigating the ones it finds.

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Posted by Justine Siebke


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