Product news: analyst service features to bring you expert help

Version 7.7 is out!

We're rolling out updated multi-factor authentication options for all subscriptions, and new ways to access expert advice from our analyst team.

Enforce a best-practice sign-on process for all your users 

Account admins can now choose to enforce multi-factor authentication for all your users. The feature uses unique, one-time codes sent by SMS as well as password submission to provide secure application access. A fail-safe option using the authorised account email address is provided as backup.

New analyst service features 

We’ve introduced two new features to help you understand and deal with results in this new release. These analyst service features are, however, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to helping you to configure your service and investigate incidents. If you’d like to learn more about our analyst services, contact us today.

Request a takedown

Whilst there may be a good reason for leaving a post in place occasionally, such as when an investigation is in progress, post takedowns can be a good way to reduce the digital risk for your business.

Our analysts can provide this service for content posted on sources including Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Reddit, bin-sites and derived sources. We'll also provide the best advice to you if damaging content is posted on other sources. 

Using an analyst service for takedowns has many advantages. We'll make sure you have the right justification in place to remove the content promptly, and our relationship and history with media administrators ensure our requests are taken seriously. 

Ask an analyst

For many organisations, gaining access to cyber threat intelligence professionals is too expensive or just not available - one of the reasons we developed our solutions to be powerful but easy to use. Often businesses put off calling in an expert until it's too late and the opportunity to avoid a threat has passed. 

We've introduced our 'Ask an analyst' feature so that customers can highlight alert messages they're worried about or don't understand. The service is part of our software subscription, offered at no extra cost. Each request raises a support case which is followed up by our expert analyst team, to give you the advice or reassurance you need. 

Are you ready to zero in on the risks that matter to your business? Speak to Skurio today.  

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Posted by Justine Siebke


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