How does Dark Web monitoring work in practice?

To prevent identity theft and/or loss of crucial business secrets, it’s important to be able to identify where and when your sensitive information is being used or shared online. 

This has become more complicated with the existence of the Dark Web; that hidden corner of the internet where bad actors can take advantage of anonymity and make a profit from your personal or business data. Consequently, keeping track of your organisation’s information on the web is an extremely time-consuming process. On top of that, to be safe, you need to monitor the Dark Web to discover these incidents so that the problems can be remedied quickly.

What is Dark Web monitoring?

The answer is in the name. Dark Web monitoring automatically scans the Dark Web around the clock 24x7 for any incidents of your data appearing where it should not.

Why can’t I do this myself?

First of all, it can be risky to browse the Dark Web. Clicking on the wrong link or visiting the wrong page can result in malware being pushed from a Dark Web site to your corporate network.

Secondly, it’s far too time-consuming for a single person to handle. Firstly, you would need to register for each and every site and regularly login simply for the purpose of finding your data on these sites. Then, you would need to be able to spend your time investigating and remedying problems instead of just searching for their existence. Even worse, many of these sites require approved logins simply to get access to the data. You could theoretically do this on your own, however the sheer amount of time required is, well… there are simply not enough hours in the day to do this manually.

What makes this even more complicated is that sites on the Dark Web are often fleeting in nature. Data can be shared, and then quickly disappear or be moved to another site. It is virtually impossible to keep track of these on your own.

Automated Dark Web monitoring

With BreachAlert Dark Web monitoring, Skurio’s sophisticated software can automatically detect incidences of your data appearing on the Dark Web. Instead of occasionally checking for usage of your data, Skurio monitors the Dark Web for any occurrences of your information appearing, and scrapes and stores data that should not be available outside your network. We store all content locally, so if on the chance that the original site or post disappears, you will only need to look at the safe copy without needing to connect to the (potentially risky) Dark Web site.

Hackers and other bad actors don’t work the normal work hours that your business does; they can be anywhere in the world. With automation, you can monitor the Dark Web 24x7. By having a solid automation system in place, you can be notified the moment the data appears and receive critical alerts the moment your data is discovered so that you can take action.

By working with Skurio, you can attain the peace of mind knowing that the job of finding incidences of your sensitive data on the Dark Web is being done for you!


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Posted by Justine Siebke


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