Skurio showcases latest Cybersecurity innovations at Black Hat Europe this week

Skurio joins other Cybersecurity vendors from the TechNation Cyber cohort at Black Hat Europe on stand 700 on 3-4 December. There are lots on show for visitors to the Excel event to see.

Hot off the press, Skurio will be demonstrating BreachAlert for Splunk Enterprise which helps customers to receive instant notification of breached data discovered on surface, deep and Dark Web sources.  

How it works 

Hacktivist groups regularly post details of target infrastructure in online forums and dumpsites ahead of a planned attack, including domain names, port scans and penetration test results.  BreachAlert for Splunk continuously monitors these sites and can automatically raise an incident in Splunk Enterprise Security when your organization’s IP addresses, server or domain names are mentioned.  Alerts are generated within minutes of that data being posted online, maximising the time available to the SOC team to defend the network against an attack.    

Compatible with Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, and Splunk Phantom, BreachAlert helps users search, explore, navigate, analyse and visualise data collected by BreachAlert from Dark Web, bin, paste & dump sites, quickly surfacing actionable intelligence about threats to the organization’s assets, or corporate data being leaked, marketed, or sold online, and executing automated breach responses. This latest BreachAlert integration offers the benefits of automated Digital Risk Protection feeds to Splunk’s 15000+ customers in 110 countries. 

Download the BreachAlert for Splunk now on 

Solving the problem of customer data breach identification 

In a world of distributed digital supply chains and 3rd party applications, businesses must look beyond their firewalls to protect data wherever it lives. Skurio will also be showcasing radical new techniques for solving the problem of customer data breach identification. With so many breached credentials already in circulation, it’s easy for criminals to compile new breaches with old ones to maximise revenue from sold data. But, this can make it virtually impossible for companies to know whether they are a source of the breach or simply customers who have been involved in breaches from other businesses. Using advanced search technology and a unique library of historical breaches, Skurio has developed software that helps businesses confidently detect whether their customer data has been leaked.  

Skurio will be demonstrating BreachAlert for Splunk at this week’s Black Hat Europe event at London Excel, 3-4 December.   



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