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Mastering the Art of Security and Mental Health in an Ideal World

The powerful release of letting go

Cybersecurity has become a main focus for organisations since COVID-19. Even though it’s always been critical to have a robust up-to-date security system, businesses have been overwhelmed by the rising number of ...

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Generative AI: The latest fad for users and hackers

...and a growing concern for security leaders

In the last few months, we've seen rapid growth in the development and popularity of generative artificial intelligence (AI)software.Everyone has had their go attools likeChatGPT or Copilot,be it for...

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The Ultimate Guide to Domain Monitoring and Typosquatting Prevention

Typosquatting and domain impersonation are on the rise. If they're not on your security radar already, they should be. Here's why...

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xDR and DRP a perfect partnership

If you’re an xDRmanaged service provider, Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is a highly complementary cyber security solution that helps you extend your customers’ attack surface coverage quickly and easily, by monitoring for data breaches and cyber...

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Manage your response to a data breach with confidence!

A recent study of reported data breaches asked organisations if the breach declared was their first. A whopping 83% said no! Common breach vectors included stolen credentials, phishing attacks and vulnerabilities in third-party software. Even with...

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